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Arki Cup 2016 is one of those big events of UST-Architecture where all the sections compete. This year I decided to join volleyball as my only sport even though there are plenty of other sports to play in. I've always been a sporty person since grade school (which as you can see help me develop my somewhat muscular physique)never knew why it felt right for me.  


I was really hyped as all the other sections compete. I love how everyone is determined to play and how everyone treated it as just a fun event. I didn't feel any pressure as everyone even in the other sections cheer for their friends in the other sections. 

With the model of our Student Council. He's a freshman btw.


In volleyball, there are roles given to, if not all, some. These roles are considered essential for the game play. The following are:

Middle Blocker
Open Hitter 

Now, if you are wondering what my role is....
I am the LIBERO

I am not new to the role because receiving is something I know I am good at besides, I don't have the height advantage to block or spike over the net. There's more time to practice those...but for now Libero it is! 

Game time

Captain Ball/Open Hitter (Left most)


Unfortunately our team lost. However, the learnings and teamwork are those to be treasured the most. Remember that it's not about winning or losing. It's about what you GAIN afterwards.

Till next time! :)

XOXO, Hannah D. <3

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