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9:16 AMHannah Dacanay

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since I posted a new blog but good news! I'm back (finally). As you guys know I'm an artist. I live and breathe art. Recently, I made a new drawing (as showed on top). Guess who the model is?

Thick beautiful Eyebrows

Lancome brand Ambassador

Clue#3 (Obvious): 
Daughter of Phil Collins

Pretty sure there's no need to guess at this point. 
She's Lily Collins! :)

So far, this is my second time drawing her. My first one looks similar with the flowers going on around the face.

This drawing is also featured in the June-August Newsletter of Lancome #Blessed
(Not to mention my Lancome lipstick beside)

Flowers have been a long time obsession with me. I draw them in many different ways. So basically some are more of fantasy looking. I kept on experimenting them and applying them with my portrait obsession as well.

I wish I could post my past drawings now. I really do wanna share them all to you guys. But since my blog is still fresh and new. I'll try my very best to post them soon. But for now, you'll get to see my new ones! I'll keep you guys updated. Love lots! 

Not your usual stereotype, Hannah

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