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Art Diary: The Central School in Iron River Michigan

8:34 PMHannah Dacanay

It's finals week (woohoo college people).  I didn't get to post much and finish my blog posts about Hong Kong. I promise; however, to post it after this Hell week is over. For now, this serves as my breather from all things arki school is currently doing to me. 

This is a plate (a term which means "project" in art/architecture school) that I finished recently and that I am very proud of. I am not really a fan of watercolor in the past. I am more of an acrylic artist. But don't get me wrong, I had experience with watercolor and I didn't get to appreciate the process and discipline with mixing the right amounts of pigment and water (there are many times I got mad for not doing it right. Who can relate?). My outlook about watercolor rendering changed when I reached college. I am thankful for architecture school for exposing me to such a wonderful and versatile medium. 

I didn't get to have the usual WIP (work-in-progress) photos/snaps that I usually do. Since I was more focused in finishing this plate, rather have time taking photos/snaps I apologize. Instead, this blog post will serve as a "written WIP".

This plate is about Colonial American Architecture and I chose to have a Dutch Colonial-Revival inspired structure. Whenever, I choose a subject to draw I make sure that it is very appealing at first glance (or at least second XD). So upon choosing from different Colonial American structures I bumped into the Central School in Iron River, Michigan. There's this eerie feeling about it (in which I like) knowing that this school does not function as a school anymore. See those windows and doors that are painted yellow? I assume that this was taken after its abandonment. I read an article saying that the Central School is now being utilized as an apartment building (adaptive reuse). I had a reference pic (I will link it below this post) like I usually do with my plates. From there, I will base everything and (if not copy exactly as it is) apply my own style of rendering. The clouds and trees are actually my usual playground when it comes to landscapes. It's fun to play with them because they can go with almost any color combination as long as they either stay true to reality or stay abstract (Practice makes perfect!).

Here is the finished product! I hope you like it. 

For questions/inquiries/suggestions/collabs contact me thru my accounts or mail. Links are all around my blog showing as icons or click the follow me button in the home page. I would love to hear from all of you! 

XOXO, Hannah

Reference picture: 

(,_Michigan)#/media/File:Central_School_Iron_River_MI.jpg )

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