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It's not a beach

12:13 AMHannah Dacanay

December 26, 2016

My family and I always spend Christmas in Nueva Ecija where my paternal grandparents live. This year is quite different from our past stays since we went to a spontaneous trip just a few kilometers away from our city. I didn't really know what to expect but I guess that's what adventure is all about. Exploring new things!

I chose an outfit that is comfortable and stylish. So, I threw in a dainty polkadot polo shirt tucked in my high-waisted navy shorts. To finish the look, I wore my favorite Adidas Superstar kicks for a more casual vibe.

Can you guess what place is this? You've probably guessed this is a beach...but it's not.




It's my first time to visit this place and I am really happy I tagged along. From what I observed there were not much people around. I assume it's not really a tourist attraction that everybody knows. However, I appreciated the beauty of the area. I hope you guys can give this a visit when you are in Nueva Ecija or just nearby.

FUN FACT: It's one of the largest dams in Asia

Made me want to paint this landscape. What do you guys think for my next art project? 

The fact that you are surrounded by mountains and waters just gives a peaceful vibe to the place.

The water is pretty cold.

I just had to pull my hand away XD

Shoutout to my family!

My Photographer and soon to be an engineer Brother

My uncle and auntie

(from left to right) My dad, mom, grandma, auntie, cousins (big ones) and nieces (small ones XD) 

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! 

Share your experiences in this place or how you guys spent Christmas 2016 by using #lifeinhd #morefuninthephilippines 

Can't wait to hear from you guys! Cheers for more adventures!


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