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7:18 PMHannah Dacanay

January 3, 2017

I consider Makati as my second home. Though I do not own a condo or house in Makati, I used to study here during my pre school to grade school days (Shoutout to my fellow Agustinians!). Just brings back a lot of memories everytime I come back.

Today, I chose to wear a comfy outfit. Just because I feel at home here no matter how fancy the place is. It's time to dress down a bit.

All of the pieces I am wearing are from uniqlo (except for the shoes and backpack). I have my blogger cousin to thank for since she gave me the top and bottom for Christmas (Love ya <3). So, consider this as a half ootd, half what-I-got-for- Christmas post.

For my personal preference, I do not really wear loose tops or bottoms unless it fits me well. Tendency is...I would look like a couch potato (and..we do not want that right?). These pieces just magically blended well together even for my body type (Thank heavens for that). However, one tip I shall impart is that if you chose to wear something....

 make it your own.

Another personal tip is to put the right accessories to make your outfit more sheek and to add to your flawless "I woke up like this" look. Just to give you guys more options. :) For me though, I paired my outfit with my beige backpack. Then finished off with my Oxford shoes.

By the way, notice the print on my shirt? It's Snow White! If you guys should know I am such a Disney fan since day 1.

Hope you enjoyed my post! :) Cheers for more! :)


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