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#HannahTravelsSouth to Taal Vista Hotel (2/3)

2:00 AMHannah Dacanay

December 31, 2016

As promised, here's a tour around Tagaytay Taal Vista Hotel. At first, I didn't really know about this hotel until I tried to search it on the day we were going to Tagaytay (I know right, what was I thinking). Here's what I got from their website (www.taalvistahotel.com): 

1. First class accommodation 
2. The Hotel is formerly known as "Taal Vista Lodge".
3. It became Japanese officer's quarters during the Second World War
4. Reconstructed in 2002 with the expansions
5. The hotel provides visitors a perfect view of the Taal Lake.


Entrance to the Main Lobby
Front Desk
Main Lobby

Main Lobby 2
This is another part of the hotel where event spaces/multifunction halls are located. This is easily accessible through a ramp pathway that connects both areas. I didn't have a picture of that hallway. Think of it as a hallway having one side full of shops and the other side the view of the main entrance and parking lot. 

Resto/Buffet Area


Large Lobby with multifunction rooms

An infographic of Tagaytay's history

Multifunction Room


Swimming Pool

Viewdeck (Sunrise)

View from our floor's hallway

View from our room
Taal Lake in Sunrise

Gate going to SkyRanch 

I noticed that the hotel isn't designed to be high instead they made it wider. As far as I know and observed, the hotel only has 3-5 floors (correct me if I'm wrong). They don't have elevators instead the pathways going from place to place are either through ramps or stairs which I think is convenient especially for PWDs (Heya, Arki!). I noticed also that they have escalators too.

The hotel's hallways aren't air-conditioned, except for the lobbies, the buffet areas, and the rooms, which I think is really unnecessary because Tagaytay has a natural cold atmosphere. 

Our room 


Our hotel accommodation included a breakfast buffet; unfortunately, we weren't able to sit at the tables overlooking the Taal Lake because there were to many people especially since it is the holidays (it should have been awesome :(). Instead we stayed inside a beautiful multifunction room (refer to the picture of the multifunction room just above). But then our tummies were hungry and of course that was our first priority. Nevertheless, the food was exquisite. 

True enough, this is really a fancy hotel. Agree?

Another Tagaytay post soon! :) Hope you guys enjoyed reading! 



P.S. I apologize if I forgot to picture some other parts of the hotel that you know of. It's prolly because I wasn't able to explore enough. Still, I think I pictured some of the highlights of the hotel. 

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