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OPPO F1S: A Day in the Life

4:16 AMHannah Dacanay

First Day of School! Clearly, I'm not one to celebrate as I'll be expecting tons of schoolwork and projects. It's just a month of vacay sadly.

Truth be told my expectation came true, I already have a very heavy load prepared for the week and weeks ahead. Listed them all down like I've got my life together with my planner. That would be an understatement (haha). But then, it's college, right?

A typical day for an Architecture student like me, would most likely be spending the day sketching, drafting and researching. The workload can get really stressful. I, for one, rarely sleep a complete 8 hours or even 6 hours a day. It would most likely be at least 4 hours or none at all. We are nocturnal beings or zombies as people around us would say. 

What I normally do to ease my stress is to draw, blog or simply spend some time taking selfies. This day is no exemption. Here's my vanity (if you guys don't mind):

Being in architecture school may be tough as we have a lot of projects to submit and a lot of paperworks to do; however, everything just seems to be all right because I love what I'm doing. I definitely do.

OPPO F1S is known for its 16MP Front Beauty Camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture which allows more light to enter to the camera and enhances its sensitivity. It's perfect for people like me who loves taking selfies in different settings and locations.

Welcome to my life.

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