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Finding my style is a never-ending challenging feat. Why never-ending? Because Versatility is what I would want to achieve with my looks through time. Simply put, versatility should always complement with the changes of the times. As new styles come, I can always choose to adapt to it and make it my own.

 It really took time before I got to realize which styles I get drawn to. How? Well, every time I enter a fashion boutique or shop there will always be a moment for me to say, "Oh! I love that!" or "This one is pretty!". You know those simple moments that gets you really giddy. That's when I decided to be meticulous with what I'm getting and paid close attention to details.

I got this beautiful dress from H&M (Pardon my dressing room ootds. I just have to haha). The dress has a plaid print similar to Burberry and its fabric is velvet which is a current trend. How great is that? Two of my favorite things. The dress also has a cut that accentuates the assets of my body which I really love. 

In addition, I also love elegant colors that I can connect my love for renaissance and medieval eras with. Red is a perfect choice and is also a symbol of love, power, and elegance. Full praise for this simple elegance.


Dress from H&M
Kicks from Keds

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