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Showing a bit of Skin: ft. my mom's choker

4:13 AMHannah Dacanay

The off-shoulders trend has been going on around everywhere. Maybe I came late? Regardless, I think it's a classic style which goes with day and night outfits and its versatility made me fall in love with it. Classics never go out of style (insert "Style" by T. Swift haha).

I don't usually wear something revealing other than shorts. However, when I got to try this Kamiseta Chambray off-shoulders top, it's a revolutionary thing for me. I never knew off-shoulder tops can fit me well. I thought it would make my shoulders look slump but it didn't. The style made me accept my shoulders as an asset.


The choker I'm wearing originally belongs to my mom. I was actually searching for chokers online and even in boutiques everywhere; when my mom knew about my struggle searching she told me she owns a choker that she doesn't use anymore for 10 years. See that? 10 YEARS! Makes it vintage to me :). Anyway, my mom showed it to me and I immediately loved it! That's basically how I got the vintage choker. Note that I adore vintage styles. I don't know why but I'm always drawn to them.


What's up bro

Notice what I did there? It's actually a tip that I got from the fashion bloggers and vloggers I follow. The purpose of "the tuck" is to add "oomph" to your usual ensemble. In design terms, it's a way to add focal point or a point of interest on your outfit.


Sunglasses from Sunnies
Chambray off-shoulder top from Kamiseta
White Pants from Mango
Sandals from Dumond

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