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A New Breed of Brush pens!?

9:32 AMHannah Dacanay

Sharing new art stuff is my favorite part of my blog.

This very exciting because I'm also new to this art tool (Let's all be giddy hehe).  Introducing....


True to its name, you could easily blend the colors similar to how watercolor works. Unlike watercolor, you don't have to use water with the problend brush pens (but you may also do so). This is ink-type. 

The problend brush pens have a brush tip which is very convenient especially when you are into calligraphy (or just someone who loves to use soft and smooth tips to draw or color).

Personally, I love using brush tips because it's easier to control (Probably because I paint a lot that I'm used to brushes) especially in areas of my drawing when I would color small edges; the small tip on the end would do the job. I also love the fact that you could achieve a gradient effect with these brush pens.

The Problend brush pens are available in sets namely Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter (Four Seasons inspired). You could also purchase this as a complete set of 20 (The link to the website is located below).

I have the Spring and Summer sets.


My post wouldn't be complete without my own works of course. Just to give guys an idea what these brush pens can do. Please enjoy :))

I did a bit of blending with the first two artworks. A mix of the Tokyo Finds Brush pens and the problends. I was hesitant at first because I thought the blending process is limited among the problend brush pen family only but it worked out nicely with the regular brush pens (you guys may wanna try it with other markers as well).

(I did a separate post about the Tokyo Finds brush pens, have a look here.)

Just in case you experience blotting which is a normal phenomenon and one of the challenges using marker types (I experience it a lot too), You have to consider using paper or surfaces that are suitable for markers. Find the smooth ones. There are a lot, in fact, I just a bought a marker sketchpad recently (The paper on my sketchpad is smooth and thick). Through experience, I prefer using parchment papers because it's easier to blend markers with it.

 Another important thing to remember is, for every art tool/material it's essential to learn about its strengths and weaknesses. Practice with it and learn to control it. Do not let you work be defined by the materials you use but how you use them to create a masterpiece. Get to know your arsenal.


If you would want to see more of my works, please feel free to check them on my social media accounts. Just click the icons found below or anywhere in my blog to view them.

Grab your Problend Watercolor Brush pens now at Tokyo Finds (<-- click here) or at fullybooked, Craft Central, Lazada and Hey Kessy stores near you! Order online and use the code: HANNAH for a discount. :)

Special mention to bestie and blogger @Sipagmode for letting me use her bedroom and camera. You really have a nice bed and camera to take the pics (haha). Follow her blog here. :) 

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