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Pastel Thrills in Manaoag

4:25 AMHannah Dacanay

Pastels are my soul colors. The first time I got to appreciate them was when I was looking for room inspirations. Rooms that are organized, minimalistic and of course pastel colored helps me feel motivated to do the same with mine (which my room is the complete opposite of the positive words I've mentioned).  Unknowingly whenever I get to see stores that have a pastel-colored interior or clothing that sell pastel fashion pieces; I'm always tempted to go inside and check those out.

Pastels are a delight to the eyes. They are not an eyesore. I'm trying not to biased here but pastels really do have a calming effect.

Styling pastel colors aren't really as challenging as it looks. They are a family of lighter tones. You can never go wrong into diving to monochrome or with color blocking. Besides, mixing things up together is a trend nowadays (Spice it up, people!).

In my recent adventure to Manaoag Church, I mixed my pastel pink pants (with frills) together with a glittery crop top and pastel blue bucket bag. I finished it off with a pair of black sandals.

Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario de Manaoag

I've been to this church a couple of times which included back then when I was a child. This is located in Pangasinan which I think is a 3-hour drive from Manila.

 I'm always drawn to old and historical places; just standing and walking in it makes me feel I'm part of its history (sorta). Please enjoy as I give you a bit of a walkthrough with my photos. :)

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