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Ever heard of Intramuros? (1/2)

4:34 AMHannah Dacanay

Manila is vast and humongous. I always pictured it as a very busy city with vehicles going in and about; with tall buildings that dominate its skyline. But within Manila's modern character lies a rich history which is represented through its art and architecture. 

Ever heard of Intramuros?

Intramuros is one of the most significant historical sites in the Philippines. 
Known as "The Walled City", back in the Spanish Colonial Period, Intramuros is considered as the capital of the Philippines and the Center of the Spanish empire in Asia. If that fact isn't enough for you to visit and explore Intramuros then probably these pictures of my recent visit will. 


When I was younger, my parents used to bring me and my brother around these areas in Manila where we could learn and appreciate Philippine History. However, as a child, I wasn't exactly an A+ student in History class (it's prolly because it wasn't my interest at all especially it is a subject that requires a lot of memorizing of dates, names, etc. You can relate I guess). Times have changed as I grew. As I also became aware of my surroundings, I gained an appreciation of history in general especially of my own nation.

I went with my college classmates in my recent visit in Intramuros (you will get to see some of them in the photos). Shoutout to my block 3AR6 A.Y. 16-17!

You can rent a bike here and have a stroll around.

If you noticed I am really into Chandeliers and details...there's more of it. :D

FUN FACT: The furniture, having an unusual shape, is called "Mariposa". Simply because it is inspired by a beautiful and large butterfly called Mariposa. Back in the day, they use this primarily to sit and talk whenever there is a family gathering or party but it is not exactly for that purpose alone. They use it whenever there is courtship. The woman and the man would sit on the opposite ends of the furniture, respectively, and a relative would sit in between (old-school romance but still I find it romantic. I'm an old soul I apologize :D See how serious courtship was back then). 

DISCLAIMER: I got the facts from the tour guide.

Let's proceed with learning more about Casa Manila and its parts.

While we're at it...this is my favorite part the...


FUN FACT: This is basically the Bath tubs. The bigger one is for adults and the smaller one is for the kids.

FUN FACT: This is a container to store water.

FUN FACT: Women weren't allowed to talk about men (especially those who they admired) in public. So they consider this as a sanctuary to have "girl talk". It's perfect because this part of the house is enclosed. Imagine having "chika" inside the bathroom and not inside the bedroom like typical sleepovers. 

It's good that my professor in HOA (History of Architecture) class emphasized the value of getting out of our comfort zones and experiencing things on our own. True enough, it's a different scenario when you get to just read all of the places in books than having yourself experience and feel the place on your own. Think about having your own take on a specific place. Every one of us has our own perspective on life and surroundings. Right?

You might think that this is the end of my Intramuros trip. This is just the beginning. See you at the next stop! :D Stay tuned. Exciting updates on the way.

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