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Ever heard of Intramuros? (2/2)

12:05 AMHannah Dacanay

Welcome dear readers. You've reached the second stop of my Intramuros trip. The trip we had was of course done in one day. I just had to separate my post into two because I had a lot of photos that I am very excited and giddy to share.


Upon entering this room, everyone was in awe. This reminds me of grand ballrooms in Europe, but in this case, Philippine version with influence of Spanish/European elements. The high ceiling and the clerestory windows gives an airy feeling inside and initially letting you sense its scale.

Just look at the size of the curtains. Are you getting the sense of how big this room really is? Take note, the curtains don't touch the ceiling.

Shoutout to my friends Maj(up) and Faith(down). <3


These are Adobe slabs (Lahang Batong Silyar), which is believed to have a structural purpose.


 This is isn't the view at the roof deck. Just figured of sharing how it really looked like in front and on ground level.

Now take a look at it on the roof deck.

Does it remind you of Florence Cathedral in Italy? They have similarities.

This is the end of my Intramuros trip. I hope you guys learned a thing or two. Talk about how these beautiful places exist in the Metro and how these are really IG-worthy. These places I've visited is just a part of Intramuros. There is more to it. Hope you like my little tour. 

Feel free to share some of your experiences as well. Stay tuned for more updates! I have more trips in store. :) #HannahBeescapades

Photo by: Abbie Vinluan
Meet my classmates. Shoutout to 3AR-6 A.Y. 16-17!

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