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Beautiful Cemetery

3:45 AMHannah Dacanay

I know what you're thinking. The title is a contradiction. But I'm here to tell you it's not. Cemeteries may come off a bit creepy, as it is portrayed in most films or shows. This place I've been to in particular is not. As I looked in a different perspective.

I admit I'm not a kind of person that would love to go to cemeteries but believe it or not this place made me feel at peace. It's not creepy at all.

This is PACO PARK. It was once used as a cemetery during the Spanish Colonial Period and now used as a public park. Fascinating how something for the dead could be enjoyed by the living.

Paco Park is just within Manila. Specifically San Marcelino & General Luna StsManila.

The semi circular shape craters were the tombs.

 This was the former resting place of Jose Rizal's (Philippine's National Hero) body.

Hope you like this post. More to come <3 Thank you for the support <3

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