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I Heart Art Fest 2017

2:34 AMHannah Dacanay

Art Fest is a 5-day event at SM MOA Main Mall Atrium. It had loads of workshops that are open to all. Last year, I was a participant of Art Fest. I attended the workshops and also bought materials (for myself hehe). This year, I feel blessed to be part and represent Tokyo Finds as an ambassador. I even gave a little demo for those who went to the booth. 

I went on October 14, 2017 because the schedule collided with my preliminary examinations at school. I was hoping to meet my fellow artists/ambassadors as well on their workshops which was on the 11th, 12th and 13th respectively; sadly, I wasn't able to come. But, I made sure to wish them well on their workshops beforehand.

October 14 was a rainy day. I had experienced difficulty reaching SM MOA since some streets were flooded not by water alone but by vehicles too (usual Manila traffic). I was supposed to arrive at 2pm but I arrived an hour later. Soon as I arrived, I received a warm welcome from the people at Tokyo Finds. :)

I was also happy that I get to see Abbey Sy in person! I'm a fan of her calligraphy and travel journals (I even have one of her books). She was doing her demo on travel journalling when I arrived (which explains why you see an in-progress of the Eiffel Tower on the screen). So happy I got to listen and learn. <3

At the booth, the staff of Tokyo Finds set up a table and chair where I would give my little demo. To be honest, I was quite nervous because I'm not really used to people looking at me while I'm working. But, I'm glad that there are people; including my professors, that help me overcome that fear.

It was a fun experience to share what I know and how I do my artworks, especially with watercolor. Customers kept flocking at the booth. But being so focused on my work, I didn't notice people taking pictures. I'm happy that they appreciate what I was doing at that time. There were some customers who chatted with me as well. Here are some clips from my IG Stories (shameless plug: add me on IG @hannahdacanay).


Perfect for Halloween! (haha). In case you are wondering, my model for this artwork is Allison Harvard (she's from ANTM, I forgot the season lols :)).

Of course, thanks are due to those who made this possible. First, to God, thank you for giving me opportunities and blessings all the time. All for You! Second, to my family (especially to my parents, brother and ate Monic) your support goes beyond words. Third, to Tokyo Finds family for inviting me to the event and supporting my passion. It's always an honor to represent the brand. Lastly, to my friends, professors, and fans (hehe) your support is very heartwarming. I love you all! <3 

My ootd pictures of the day to complete this blog post. <3 

Top from Forever 21, Bag from Parfois, Leather pants from Dorothy Perkins, Shoes from Zara.

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