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11:06 PMHannah Dacanay

Before I get joyous, I wanted to dive into how much I contemplated before getting my own site. I have been blogging since 2015. I had doubts because I thought it would be better if I establish a good following first before getting my own site. However, one important thing I thought about is ...if I'm going to get my own site then I should be dedicated to it. 

Blogging for 2 years made me realize that it is a commitment. Blogging should not be taken for granted (especially if I want to pursue it and explore it even further). Why not take the risk right? I enjoy blogging anyway. That's the icing on the cake.

I am grateful to have blogger friends who encouraged me to have my own site (not a free website anymore) and to step out of my fears. And so I did.

WELCOME TO HANNAHBEATRIZ.COM! is Personal/Art/Fashion blog diary where you would still see the same Hannah, her journey, and her musings. From her passions to her shenanigans in life you'll find them there. 

So happy to share this milestone with you all. Of course, thank you, my dear readers, for your support and for always dropping by my humble blog. Not to mention, tolerating and understanding how long I sometimes update (college life has always been hectic). Even so, you guys are always there to support. As much as I don't want to get all mushy, I wanted to let ya'll know how much I love you from the depths of my heart <3

This announcement, of course, includes a new blog post. As promised, I would share my experience from my first ever blog event. 

 Since this is a special post, this blog may be quite long. I really think I owe you guys fresh content.


What is Clozette?
"Clozette is Asia's leading social community for women that delivers the hottest news and latest community trends in fashion, beauty & lifestyle." (

I have been a star clozetter for a year now. More than that status, I get to explore my long desire and relationship with fashion and style. With Clozette, I was able to engage with people having the same interests in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching fashion shows and going to boutiques to see the current trends. I highly respect designers because I view them as artists too. Each designer has their own distinctive style. It is interesting because even though trends change every time, their unique style remains. An art inspires art moment for me.

I was a surprised (wide-eyed to be exact) when I received the invitation to the Clozette Tea Party in my email. I never thought I would be invited to such. It's an honor.

Since I considered this a special event for me, I planned my outfit as soon as I got the invitation. And this is what I wore:

The event is basically a meet-and-greet party. I did get to meet bloggers and vloggers who share the same passion and interests. What's even more inspiring to me is that I get to meet some of my idols, who I just usually see/meet in social media, and now I can finally call them my friends.

Top and Bag from my Mom, Skirt from H&M, Shoes from Call it Spring, Tassle Earrings made by yours truly.

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