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4:11 AMHannah Dacanay

Here's the thing. I don't know why I tend to be drawn to the office-romance stories. Say, "the Proposal" (lead actress Sandra Bullock) is one of my favorite rom-com movies of all time. I even read "I've got your Number" by Sophie Kinsella. Now, I am reading "Crazy Rich Asians" by Kevin Kwan. Coincidence? Maybe because there is something intriguing and interesting in finding love/romance in a busy and stressful environment. 

In terms of fashion, I don't know why I love coats and blazers. I think because I am attracted on how structured they are. Especially if they are crisp and clean, coats and blazers are often associated to being respectable or sophisticated. "Power-dressing" is really a thing.

I often think that this attraction to the corporate world came from my parents. Maybe because I'm used to going with them to work after school (grade school days in Makati). I prolly did get accustomed to that kind of setting at a young age. Not to mention, I have a lot of good quality office wear hand-me-downs from my mom. At least, I don't have to worry about getting office wear in the future.

Of course, wearing an office get up all the time looks too formal (I'm still a student; however, I'm used to looking formal everyday at school because of our uniform). I'm referring to days when I just wanted to go to the mall, etc.

I love looking at pinterest to search for what's trendy and for style hacks. But, I also go for what I think suits me best. I want something that looks formal but still gives a youthful vibe. Good thing I have my crop top (Sidenote: I haven't worn it for a year, since I'm a conservative type but this day is an exemption). I felt like it's a good addition to my outfit since it has a unique cut (I always look for unique cuts and designs). A top that qualifies as "Chic" and "youthful".

I love my pants as well. They are in-trend right now because of its ruffles and its pastel pink color.

This is my "Corporate-Chic" side.

Blazer from H&M, Pink Crop Top from Apartment8Clothing, Pants from Stradivarius, Shoes from H&M, Handle Wraps @ohmybagphils /

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  2. Love your Corporate Chic side, Hannah! Will stay tuned for more "Corporate Chic side" posts! :)

    - Trail Junkie


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