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1:30 AMHannah Dacanay

Bags are an investment. They are one of the things that I really take care of since it serves for both utility and style.

I don't own a lot of bags. First, because they are expensive (especially designer brands). Second, I share bags with my mom (which is nice because we have the same preference with bags). Lastly, I don't splurge on them. When I do, I pick those that I can wear over and over again (why not right?). I usually pick classics based on the color and style. Neutrals are my go-to especially black, brown, gray, white and beige. Although, I tend to go to pastels and maroons too (to add a splash of color whenever I opt for neutral clothing).

I usually put my bags inside a cabinet or on a shelf. Each bag is covered with a cloth bag to avoid them hitting one another and, of course, to avoid dust. My mom taught me to also put fillers (like newspapers rolls or bag pillows) inside the bags (especially the structured types) to keep their shape intact. 

Oh My Bag PH's bag filer and handle wraps are helpful tools to add to your arsenal of protective gear. They do not only help safeguard your bags but they also help boost your styling game. 


For more of their products go to and follow them on IG @ohmybagphils!

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