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How I ended up Pink in the Holidays

4:47 AMHannah Dacanay

It's interesting how colors can really inspire and affect you in so many ways. As for me, I mostly play and interact with colors whenever I paint or draw. Somehow mixing colors is therapeutic especially at my lowest.

Not all colors are attractive to me. I also have my favorites. One, in particular, is pink which inspired me to do a coords ootd. Pink is a lively color. Mostly it is associated with feminity, softness and...Victoria's Secret? Haha kidding. To be honest, it's not a color that I just picked overnight. I somehow loved the color unconsciously. Sometimes there are just things in life that you really like and you could not explain why. Relate? :)

Hopefully, this blogpost could inspire you for your Holidays ootd and also to pay tribute to one of 2017's loved colors.

At first I thought the pinks wouldn't go so well, considering that I have a Peach sweater and cool-toned pink pants. Thanks to my current favorite tv obsession "Dynasty" and one of my favorite characters "Cristal Carrington", I got an affirmation that it would work. Yay or nay?
Meredith_costumes really does a great job of styling. From modern to even periodic/historical costumes of "Reign" (my fav histo-fiction series) she nails it. Meredith keeps on inspiring me every day and every episode of my favorite series. Follow her on IG @meredith_costumes to see more of her amazing works.

Enjoy the Holidays! <3

Top - Uniqlo
Pants - Stradivarius
Heels - Call it spring

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 Photography by John Paul Dacanay 
IG: jpdacanay | iamjpdacanay

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