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7:36 PMHannah Dacanay

I suppose you know now the true intention behind my title (judging by the pictures). Probably now you are wondering, why is Hannah making a fuss out of the title? Because (dear readers) this is one of those few moments I wore revealing socks. (by revealing I mean socks that go higher than my ankle).

Before going out, I asked some of my friends on what they thought. One similar response from all of them is that I look like a child. Let me explain further...

I don't usually go out, nowadays, with socks that go higher than my ankle. It's been like that after High School. I remember in my grade school and high school days, they strictly check the length of the socks. Stereotypical as it may sound, it seems to me that most prefer ankle socks or foot socks when they reach college (maybe because of the former reason or something else).You know the feeling when you get promoted each level with a new style indicating your status. That's the feeling of liberation! (hehe)

I think the sock trend has been circulating around these days. Especially with korean fashion. This trend just came back from the 80s if I have not been mistaken. I even remember seeing a photograph of my mom wearing high socks with shorts. Some may say "Baduy" (tagalog term for "old-fashioned"). But you know what, I'm an old soul. Whatever vintage stuff you throw at me, I am game with it.

I was used to seeing plain black, white and sometimes gray socks. Now, I see socks of different styles, shapes, patterns and colors. The cutest ones for me are those with animal themes with their ears poking at the end! You can find cute socks everywhere (mostly with korean shops). As for me, I chose something simple with polkadots and ribbons. I bought this pair at Mumuso for 199 pesos. This came with another pair of the same print and design; however, it is gray.  I chose socks of neutral color and simple design because they are easy to pair with a lot of styles.

Fashion should always feel comfortable not only with its utilitarian aspect but also on how you wear or own it. With that in mind, this moment I felt like wearing something different. I wanted to do a dainty korean look without being too dressy (featuring an accent piece which is my socks). This is what I came up with my pile of clothes. Hope you guys like it!

Top from my cousin-in-law, Shorts from a shop near the Church I go to (at Times St.), Bag from FINO Leather, Shoes from Adidas and Socks from MUMUSO!

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