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I have never been styled by other people. When I was younger, my mom and ate usually dresses me up. But growing up and learning to love the art of fashion in the process, made me aware of how personal style matter in expressing myself (other than drawing of course) without any verbal conversation. Since my teenage years, I'm now responsible for picking my own clothes. I find joy in mixing and matching garments that would fit my style and tastes.

Sometimes it becomes quite a headache when you can't think of a good ensemble to wear for the day. Luckily, Style Genie is here to help. Other than letting them style, you get the excitement of wanting to know what outfit/s prepared for you.


Read more to know how I got styled by Style Genie and to know how you can get styled too. :)

STYLEGENIE is the first styling+clothing subscription box in the Philippines! Their mission is to grant closet wishes and boost women's confidence one box at a time. 


The delivery took 2 weeks because I ordered it during the All Souls and Saint's week-long holiday. 

The pastel purple box is a stunner. Style Genie's flame-like logo imprinted on all sides (The big logo is in the middle part of the front and back sides). The box works similarly like a drawer because of the pull-out which is very convenient to unbox and recycle. I made it into my memorabilia box. :)

Upon opening, I got a welcoming scent of perfume. The clothes were fragrant. StyleGenie team sure did make their packaging top-notch. 

I chose a Smart Casual Surprise-me-box and they curated clothes based on my style and preference. 

My style evolves. So I went for something I would like nowadays or that I would usually prefer wearing. In a nutshell, I love classic, boss-chic and girly outfits which is what I inputted in the form during the ordering process (I'll discuss this further below). They even put a letter and a discount voucher for my next purchase.

Honestly, The brands aren't those I know of but they are good quality pieces. I am glad and I can guarantee the quality of clothes from Style Genie.

The two pieces I got are everyday casual clothes. One is a dainty floral off-shoulder top and the other is a structured chic grey top. I love how these pieces are flexible to work with because I can still style them any way I want.




Here's how:

You'll be directed to StyleGenie's website

2. Click the "Create a Profile" tab

3. Click the "Style Me, Genie" button

This is the process where you would let them know your preferred styles and preferences

4. Fill up the form. Make sure to be accurate as possible so that the Style Genie team would know how to style you as you would like. 

Upon finishing each question, just click the Send button right below each question/item. Don't worry about skipping or rechecking your answers. You can always go back.

5. Once you've completed the form. Click/Enter Yes, please! button.

6. It's time for you to choose your box. 

And look they are on sale during the Christmas holidays!

7. Pick the box you want and you're ready for Check out! 

8. This is the most important step!! Don't forget to use the code:

9. Follow StyleGenie on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

10. Also, Follow me on my social media handles:

IG: @hannahdacanay
FB Fan page: Hannah Dacanay - Creative Blogger
Twitter: @Hannahbee222
Snapchat: HannahBee222


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  1. Hey Hannah! I like how StyleGenie curates clothes for their suscribers. I hope u can show more of their available styles! Keep up the good work :)

    Trail Junkie.

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