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3 Places to go Light Strolling

5:07 AMHannah Dacanay

Celebrating the New Year has always been so festive in the Philippines. You will hear "torotots" (tagalog for horns) and see fireworks displays everywhere (with consideration of the no-fireworks policy going around). Of course, those are just a few descriptions of the whole scenario. As times change, there are also new ways of celebrating the New Year. As for me, I spent my time light strolling. I've been to places with a lot of lights display but there are only 3 that caught my eye in 2017. Here are my favorites:

Note: I hope the last one interests you. Read more to know about it. ;)

I don't want to sound biased with this one just because this is my alma mater; however, I've stayed in this University long enough (8 years and counting because started schooling here since High School) to say that UST has the best Lights display I have ever encountered. 

The lights display of UST is part of an annual tradition. It is one of the attractions of the "Paskuhan" festivities. Simply, one of the ways UST prepares for the Christmas Season.


2011 was my favorite year. 2 reasons:

1. It was the Quadricentennial year (400th year) of the University (it was really festive).

2. It was my first year of schooling there. 2011 was the best by far and the fireworks display on Paskuhan Night was extravagant. 

The lights of 2017 did not disappoint. You'll see a beautiful mix of the old and historical edifices of the University blending with the contemporary lights display. Even though I have 9pm classes from Mondays to Fridays, the lights always ease my stressed mind. Maybe it will ease yours too? Have a visit. :)

This was actually my third-year to visit and it still continues to impress and entertain me. I noticed that they have a longer program for this year, in comparison with my past visits. The program lasted for more than 10 mins, I assume, because there were breaks in between. The breaks in between were quite funny because people (including me) thought that the program was over. As everyone starts to leave, the lights started again. That scenario happened for 2-3 times. But hey, what's the Holidays without a dash of fun and happiness.


My mom and brother :)

The lights will still be dancing until January 8! Don't miss it! :)

San Jose, Nueva Ecija is the hometown of my father. It is where we celebrate Christmas and it has always been an annual tradition. The lights display is one of the main attractions of this city during the holidays. I did get to notice the displays every year but the 2017 lights caught my eye more. I'll just let the pictures speak for itself.

^ This is my favorite spot. Simply enchanting.

Insta-worthy? It definitely is.

Ending my year-starter blog with an inspirational quote to get us all motivated.

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