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7:31 PMHannah Dacanay

There are a thousand things and memories that always come to me about a certain place. Hence, drawing me to love places that are historical and symbolic. A visit to these places transports me to a different time and era. A frozen-time capsule as I would like to call it.

I've been sharing a lot about Intramuros. I had previous posts about my travels there. If you want to view them click here and here. All I can say is... I'll never get tired of roaming its Historical streets. There's something about Intramuros that always make me feel connected one way or another.

I've given myself some thought: If I were in the same era...what would my life be? 

Maybe successors might also ask the same thing at some point in their lives.

All I know is I'm a part of its legacy. And, I'm writing my own her-story.

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