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7:35 AMHannah Dacanay

Few days lefts before another (tiring and stressful) semester starts. When I get to go back to school, I'll definitely miss dressing up. I have to admit I am girly and preppy. Those characteristics really reflect on my outfits.

I love dresses paired with heels. But to wear those means going to a formal or semi-formal event. I know being a blogger and fashionista should have no confidence problems when it comes to wearing over-the-top outfits once in a while. Well, I did a couple of times and it feels quite awkward when people stare at you (I have this feeling of being judged..feel me?). This time I found the perfect excuse. 

My brother just passed the Civil Engineering Licensure Board Examination. To formally declare that title, they have to go through an Oathtaking Ceremony. Being a supportive and proud sister that I am ( if you reading this...hi :D), I went and wore a semi-formal attire to fit such a glorious event.

One of the things I love to wear is heels. I know for some girls this isn't a regular choice for comfortable footwear. I have to agree that it is uncomfortable especially when I wear it for too long; however, heels accentuate and elevates my body in a way that pleases me. That's how I feel about them especially in 4-5 inches heights. Just gives me a little boost of confidence. (Boss lady and tita feels)

Let me just talk about this bag that I got from Parfois. I just love the diamond quilt stitch which reminiscent of Chanel bags. I also love velvets so there was no hesitation when I bought this. It's classy, elegant and versatile. Just perfect for any event and casual strolls.

Dress from Zara
Heels from Gibi Shoes
Bag from Parfois

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