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3:07 AMHannah Dacanay

Crowns. Jewels. Castles.

Three words that may be drawn to one thing: A life of a Princess. "Every girl's dream". I do dream of living in elegance and extravagance as monarchs do live; however, monarchs which are based on history aren't all kind. 

My guilty pleasure is watching shows like Reign and The Tudors. (I also search for the real history of the characters). Histo-fiction shows that not only paint monarchs as powerful and wealthy but, as imperfect people too. They fall into certain vices that did certainly brought them their downfall.

DISCALIMER: Morbid and explicit shows. Not for the faint of heart.

I do not wish to even make this blog post sound serious. Let me just give you a bit of sunshine by saying: I watch and love Disney too. Like most kids of my generation, I'm proud to be a Disney baby. I grew up loving every Disney Princess. I am a Princess and I will always claim it. Starting off by dressing like one. My outfit gave me the feels (especially my royal blue top).

Royal Blue Top: Sky Castle 
Baloon Skirt: Apartment 8
Shoes: Call it Spring

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 Photography by John Paul Dacanay 

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