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21 Life lessons of a 21 year old

9:43 PMHannah Dacanay

FEBRUARY 22, 2018

I'm 21. This is the age when, in some other countries, girls and boys usually celebrate their debuts. (In the Philippines, the age for a girl's debut is 18.) It's supposed to be a joyous occasion for the most part. But as for this blog, I'm going to dig in introspection and into a contemplative mode. Here are my top 21 life lessons that I've learned throughout my life so far.

21. Never get tired of improving

Sometimes I get really hopeless when life's putting so much weight on my shoulders. Nevertheless, there's always room for improvement and I should not settle for anything less.

20. "this too shall pass"

This is one of my mantras when I experience a bad day or event. Pain is just temporary. :)

19. Don't pressure yourself too much.

There are times that I pressure myself to really work hard which sometimes poses a threat to my health.  Everybody wants to succeed in life, but it doesn't mean that we should put our health to risk. Pressure constitutes stress. So, take a deep breathe and chill. We have to be aware of managing our stress. And...

18. Learn to put our efforts where it needs to be.

There are things that are needed to be focused on more. Weighing all the tasks or errands that are needed to be done will help us conserve our energy (and to put it to good use of course). It's called "Prioritizing".

17. Positivity makes life blissful

It's hard to be positive in a world or society that looks into negativity. I really put effort into looking at the brighter side of things. Trust me it will do you a great favor especially now that mental health is timely. Besides, if we look at things positively the world would be kinder and less devilish as it may seem.

16. "Be kind to one another" -Ellen DeGeneres

I love Ellen. I just have to put it out there. It's not because of her wit that I am completely drawn to, but also her advocacies and positive outlook. It's true that if you're selfless and kind to people. People will do the same. Just look at how people reciprocate it back to Ellen especially on her birthdays.

15. Value true friendships.

Finding "true" Friends are tough sometimes. But if we find these people in our lives. They are gems to keep. 

14. Keep the passion burning.

At a very young age, I know what I love doing and that is drawing. Until today I'm passionate about it. That's why I chose an art course (Architecture, not completely art though but still, it is an art). My passion for art evolves through time and I love exploring other creative pursuits which includes what I am doing ever since my and blogging.

13. The best trend is set on what you want.

I learned this in fashion. It's really hard to find your personal style especially if you want to stand out. But fashion is also a reflection of your personality. It's okay to follow what is currently in, but sometimes staying true to yourself and being comfortable with the clothes you are wearing is the trendiest thing anyone would want to see.

12. Wait.

Being patient is not really my strong pursuit. As said, waiting can help you get the better things in life. You'll know in God's time.

11. Failure is an ingredient for success.

I don't know if there will be anybody or any successful person who would deny having to fail once in their life. You know how these failures really imprint in your mind but, hey, they let you'll learn. After which, you can lay out a better strategy through life. :) "Fail. Rise up. Succeed. Repeat." Why that order? Why would I not just stop in succeed? Because even in the success you will still experience failure which is inevitable. What matters most are the times you rise back up and reach more goals and dreams.

10. Do your best.

"Just do it." - Nike

9. Thankful for the little things in life.

Even the smallest of things matter especially in a world that only sees things at face value.

8. Value the efforts that you give even if others won't notice them.

Once in a while, you have to pat yourself on the back even if the task you've done is simple. It's just a way of uplifting yourself. There's nothing wrong with valuing yourself. It's not selfish.

7. Always hunger and thirst for learning.

It's not just being bookish or being academically good that you can learn and improve. Daily activities and simple tasks can be also a learning experience. I love challenging myself in things I am not really comfortable with and with subjects that are not my interest. I always like feeding my brain with knowledge and that way, I can be versatile.

6. Alone time is precious.

It's not because you are an introvert you have to be always alone. One thing I learned, being an introvert myself (as I consider I am), is that alone time is a time for reflection and introspection. It's a way of recharging yourself and balancing your energy. I don't mind if I am seen alone in a coffee shop or boutiques, trying on clothes all by my one. I feel free that way. Try it sometime :)

5. Take things as a challenge

When people doubt and when it feels like you want to quit, that's the time you rise up and do better than yesterday. Usually, the times when you wanted to give up turns out your glory moment already.

4. Allow yourself to make mistakes


3. Forgive yourself

You're not alone everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes make you better by rising up a billion or more times. And even though you regret doing those mistakes, try to move on. There are things we cannot change but we can change for the better.

2. Take the leap of faith

 It's one thing to be afraid of the dark but walking on it and finding hope is another thing. I am a firm believer in everything comes with a meaning and that fate will always bring you where you are meant to be.

1. "Standing out in the crowd is much more rewarding than blending in"

A good advice I got from Lily Collins. Remember that you are you. Uniqueness in Individuality is what makes each and every one of us special. Be yourself and that is the best outfit you'll wear all day and every day.

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 Photography by John Paul Dacanay 

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