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2 Things I love doing this Summer

4:56 AMHannah Dacanay

It's one hot of a summer in the Philippines. But, this should not let us feel down and inactive. For me, summer is the time we get to do our hobbies and relax. That is, of course, if we do not have classes and work (I miss being a kid hehe). I do have classes all throughout the year (sucks); however, during the holidays and weekends, I make sure to maximize this and have my me-time. Here are the 2 things I love this Summer:

1. Painting / Drawing 

What better way to rejuvenate than to paint and draw. It is an activity that is said to be therapeutic and an activity that I truly love (my first love actually). It's one of my creative outlets and hobbies. I love how relaxing it is to mix and match colors from my paints and pencils. Also, how exciting it is bringing my imagination into paper or better...into life. I've been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. It's something I would love to do for the rest of my life. 

The paintings and drawings in the background are just a few of my works. Check more of them in my two FB albums:

Drawings 2

Art Diary

2. Styling my hair

I recently got my curling iron and I got fond of it easily. So, I kept on experimenting with different hairstyles that I could do with my hair. I know it's not always recommended to apply heat on the hair often. But! I make sure to invest in good hair essentials to achieve a #HABAMAZING hairstyle just like my "Nightout waves". Sunsilk Strong and Long give my hair added strength and protection from the heat, not only from the sun but also from hair tools like curling iron and hairdryer. It also contains biotin which nourishes the hair as it grows. I've been using the product for weeks. At the same time, I've been using my hairdryer every day. The results were outstanding because my hair didn't feel dry as I expect it should.

I'll be hosting my first giveaway soon! You'll have the chance to take home your own #Habamazing kit from Sunsilk! If you want to join just follow me on my Instagram account @hannahdacanay and look for this photo.

On the description, you'll find the mechanics on how to win! It's that simple :)

But wait there's more! You'll also have a chance to win a summer trip with Sunsilk! Just purchase a specially marked Sunsilk pack and drop-by HABAMAZINGSUMMER.COM for more info.

Have a #HABAMAZING summer!

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 Photography by John Paul Dacanay 

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