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Is Nico Bolzico fit for Lay's?

9:36 AMHannah Dacanay

Recently, I'm noticing unusual actions that blogger jowa, Nico Bolzico, is doing on his IG stories. He is making a statement to become an endorser for Lay's. (Not an easy feat bro)

Here's the catch. I made a list. To help make the decision, for Lay's, easier here are...

Factors that I think important as a Lay's Endorser

1. Someone with a versatile personality. 

2. One who could push and sell the brand.

3. One with wit and humor. 

4. Great fan base.

5. Someone dedicated enough.

6. Someone with the name NICO I guess?

Based on my calculations, I guess the case is closed. Lay's is all about having diverse flavors. I'm convinced that Nico, having a versatile character, is the perfect fit. Good luck, el Bolzico! #NicoforLays

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