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Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

4:44 AMHannah Dacanay

This was my first experience to attend a live fashion show! I can't help to feel ecstatic about being invited to such an event. Even by just the thought of it is an incredible feeling. I only get to watch fashion shows on youtube and on TV. My favorites are usually Chanel and Ellie Saab. Hayyy, To attend Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks, one of my sought after dreams. This event that I went to last April 11; however, was no exception. 

Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival is a four-day event. Running from April 10 to April 13. The event was set at the Marquee Tent inside EDSA Shangri-La Manila Hotel. All local (Filipino) fashion brands and designers graced the runway with their creations. As expected, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts were present at the event. I am blessed to be invited by for this. 

Prior to the Fashion Fest, was my dilemma of picking my clothes (fashion emergency). I am aware that fashion is all about expressing yourself through clothing. Like all fashion weeks, the attendees get to wear whatever they want. That's what I love about the fashion industry, freedom of expression. I only made my fashion decision the night before April 11, Wednesday (I only went to that day since I had my free day from school). My bedroom went from squeaky clean to clothing landfill in a minute. Attending my first ever Fashion show is a big deal for me. I have to dress to impress. 

Lately, I've been addicted to "Gossip Girl" (binge-watching it on Netflix is my past time). I am aware of that show years back, but I never had a chance to watch it completely. I find myself gravitating towards "Blair Waldorf" style. So, I ended up wearing my Zara polka dot dress with my Marks and Spencer Mary Jane Heels. Paired it with my favorite Parfois bag. From the words of Blair herself, 

"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. Its movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we want to be."

The event started at 9 pm; although, it was expected to start at 8. I guess that's fine because it allowed us to take pictures around and meet up with colleagues. I went with the 2 people from the clozette team and 2 fellow bloggers. Events are fun with awesome people. Agree?

BLOGGER FRIENDS: (IG: @charleneajose and @marlinacarlos)

CLOZETTE TEAM: (IG: @sillyloquies and @amandamaziiing)

Here are the designers, from the show, and some of their creations

Personally, I would wear these pieces by Chris Diaz.

My favorite. Top 1. Hands-down Yong Davolos!

Since you reached this part of this blog, I have a special announcement. I am making a vlog dedicated to my experience at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Fest! It's, for you guys, to also get a feel of how was it like at the event and you'll get see more of the pieces! Please look forward to it as I am still editing, mixing and baking it (hehe) to be served fresh for you, my loving readers and followers. In the meantime, please follow me on my social media handles represented as icons all around this blog. That way, I can keep you updated. <3

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  1. Hey Hannah! How was ur experience during the Fashion Fest? Hope you enjoyed your time there! Can't wait for your turn to slay the runway! Looking forward to your Vlog as well! <3

    Trail Junkie


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