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Arki Ball is an annual formal/semi-formal event for UST Architecture Community. It is the celebration of all the accomplishments both big and small. Arkiball is usually held every after Arki Week but this year was different because it became a year-ender celebration.

I am a fan of these types of gatherings because they are a happy place to be. Afterall, I also wanted to party after all the hard work I've done this school year. In addition, I love wearing gowns hehe. I like to feel like royalty even for just a day.

You may have figured out early on that my peg would be princessy. I'm honest to say that I'm a girl who loves Royal Families and fairy tales.

Without any further ado, let me tell you more about my magical day.

May 31, 2018

Metro Manila traffic is just terrible (not a way to start a "magical" day lols). It almost ruined my day. It took me at least 2 hours from Quezon City to Marriot Hotel. But, I knew better than to think negatively. I just plugged some music to jam while I sit and wait in the car. 

I've been to Resorts World a couple of times but I never stepped foot on Marriot Hotel. That irony tho. Anyway, I'm fond of hotels too. I always wanted those scents like Lavender when the hotel doors open. Just so calming and lovely. What struck me the most is Marriot Hotel's bar and lobby. Those colorful trees in the background are spectacular. They also change color from time to time. I do recommend to try and just sit in their hotel lobby if you want to just chill. I did that while waiting for my friends hehe.

The event was supposed to start at 7pm. Like we always say about "Filipino Time", people will come in an hour after and the event will start by then. I was technically early, so luckily I was able to have pics by our very own Arkitrato (The Official Photography Community of UST-Arki). I was glad because they took pics of me while I was walking down the red carpet. <3 Shoutout to Arkitrato <3

As I said earlier, I planned to have a princess type of ootd. I was full of those gems that I put on my hair and my face. My gown has this lovely trail and cape-like sleeves. Not forgetting my daring slit (char!). It is elegant just like how I wanted it to be. Shoutout to my lovely fashion designer and friend, Mikee Sangco. 

<3 (IG: @dmikeesangco)

8 pm finally the program started. We had one of our professors sing which is awesome. We also had Ransom Collective present. TBH, I was waiting for dinner haha.

Dinner was in buffet style. The food made me hungry even from when I arrived because they were laid out just outside the ballroom. Typical me, I'm attracted to the deserts area.

The food was delicious. The meats were soft and tender. The salad was garnished and seasoned to perfection. THE DESSERT WAS HEAVENLY!!! Food is liifffeee.

The night went through till the dancing part. But, I kinda skipped the dancing part because I wanted to take some pictures. I had lots of pictures on the staircase just because I wanted to recreate my old Arkiball 2015 photo. I was wearing a red gown (also designed by Mikee Sangco) and I figured the staircase was perfect. Since Sofitel's staircase was black, I was able to stand out hehe. This time, I'm in black and Marriot's staircase is cream. So glad that the odds are in my favor haha.

Take your pick. <3

I also had pics with my blockmates <3 Aren't we all gorgeous? haha

I can't wait to have another ball like this again <3

©All rights reserved | Hannah Dacanay | The Musings of a Creative Blogger 

 Photography by John Paul Dacanay 

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