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3:52 AMHannah Dacanay

Hi guys! Sorry for being inactive in the blog lately. I've been busy with a lot of things...OJT, School, and events. Speaking of the latter, I wanted to share my experience with The Art of Guess event. It's a two-day (July 28-29) event which celebrates local art, music and fashion all-in-one. 

I've got an invite from a friend to visit this museum-type of an event which is awesome because I'm an art-lover of all sorts. The best part is...GUESS is sponsoring it. 

I usually plan my outfits ahead of time. The latest would be the night before. If I fail to do so, I usually get a panic attack. I don't know why but it's always a part of my routine (advance mag isip lols). If you would think about it, it's not bad to actually saves me a lot of time when everything is already laid out the following day.

Maybe you are wondering what do I do if I fail to plan my outfits? I just let my tastes of the day dictate what I would wear. That's what I did on this Guess event lol. Spontaneous yet I wanted to look really casual. The highlight of this look is my pants because it is a hand-me-down from my mother <3 I love it so much. Figured wearing it because GUESS is known for their denim and jeans <3

Here's a virtual tour

Upon entry, they give out these canvas bags filled with goodies. You can actually customize those bags in this area. 


Had a picture with this masterpiece cuz I know the artist <3 She's amazing <3


I call this the "Stars room". 

Thanks for reading! <3

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