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Contemplative Photo Series: Concept to Post Processing

9:28 PMHannah Dacanay

Let's dive into it straight away!

How did I come up with this concept?

I'm heavily inspired by @sorelleamore. She's a travel and lifestyle influencer who loves taking photos of herself. By that, I mean literally, on her own. So she made a #AdvancedSelfieChallenge wherein photos should be treated as art. Basically, you curate your photos artistically. Does that make sense? haha


I thought of this retro-ish vintage-y flower concept.

What I learned from Ms. Sorelle is that I have to find my niche. I knew the reason why I am attracted to her photos is that they are very creative shots. I also like being creative with everything and anything that I do. Art is life. I live and breathe rainbows haha.

Location, props and costume/outfit

In all honesty, I did not think of any concept first. What I did is, find something at home that will spark my interest (work with what you have). Lo and behold, my brother's beautiful origami flowers are just used as decor so I took them and made them my props. I thought then...what now? what should I wear? I was hesitant to wear something daring even though I really wanted to in the first place. But I ended up with my mom's nightgown (somewhat lingerie) anyway haha. I still kept the conservative part that's why I threw in that denim washed coverup/blouse (which I find very cool too. The right element to balance everything).

I also have shots where you can see I wore some trendy Heart Sunglasses (which I bought from Daiso. Also, adding to that retro vibe) and added my China Rich Girlfriend book (I love this trilogy by Kevin Kwan BTW XD).

I guess those are what I need but let us not forget the main ingredient...

An important reminder for a creative shot: Tell a story.

I don't really have a consistent story. Meaning, that my shots tell a story respectively or individually.


The picture says it all...


I only have one camera and that is the Sony Alpha A6000. It's a Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. I just use my kit lens that came with the camera when I bought it.

Another thing I liked about the camera is its built-in WIFI wherein you can connect and control the camera from your phone (It only works when you are taking photos, not for vlogging sadly :() You can easily transfer photos also using that camera capability! That's basically what I did to do this #AdvancedSelfieChallenge. One hand is holding my Iphone, while the other hand is doing the posing.
(Feel that Excitement of mine? hehe)


I know it's not something to really be proud of to some. Natural is usually best. For me; however, post-processing is a way to be creative and show off your style (individuality). This step enhances your photos and adds to that story you wanted to tell your audience. Or even! There will be times that photos need to be fixed. Just like what I have:

See how dark it is? It is impossible to decipher what story I wanna tell. More importantly, it's very hard to see what objects are in the photo because it's almost pitch black. Well unless you wanna try? I won't stop you haha. 

I have my reasons to do that kind of adjustments on my camera while shooting. I'm not really a professional photographer but I knew that making the ISO higher will create noise so I made it lower. What I did here is actually an experiment.


In contrast to what I said earlier, each of my photos may have different stories but they all have the same theme. I prefer to make my photos vintage-contemplative themed (Note my title) and I like them to be uniform so...when I post them on my IG feed or in any of my social media accounts they look consistent.

The time of day I shot this plays a big role in achieving that eerie feel. I shot this between 2-4 pm. It was a gloomy day so there was not much light passing through my bedroom window. It was a challenge posing with that amount of light but I did get a hang of it.

Whenever I change the brightness and exposure or even the contrast, it helps to change the mood. The brighter, it takes the picture to a happy/jolly mood. When I tone it down and make it darker, the contemplative and eerie the photos get. I usually prefer bright ones that's why I had this dilemma of just posting everything haha. If you would see my recent IG setup, most of my photos are all bright and contrast-y. Having a dark-theme won't be bad anyway as long as I tell a story/message. 


The program that I used is LIGHTROOM. I use that software always for my photos because it allows me to adjust and enhance my photos in a lot of ways imaginable.

I also recommend PHOTOSHOP for post-processing but I use it more for photo manipulation and layouting.


I do make my own presets but I have to admit that I also download some. For this contemplative series, I used a downloaded retro-inspired preset but I did not finish there. I made my own adjustments along the way to achieve my own style.

I hope I shared some fruitful knowledge with you. Feel free to comment and suggest. I still want to improve in this craft. <3

These all came to life because I was bored at home.

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