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How to solve a Wisdom Tooth-ache

10:57 AMHannah Dacanay

There are a lot of events in life. Some may be generally just good days or bad days. But some, are also called as "Milestones". These milestones signify a particular life event that usually just happens once in a lifetime or the firsts of many. Examples having a menstruation, growing hairs in specific parts of your body and etc. I am experiencing one of my milestones right now.

Where's the Wisdom? Here's some..

This is what is happening to me....MY WISDOM TOOTH IS COMING OUT!!! It hurts big time. Considering that I am now a senior and conquering my thesis year. I needed all the focus and strength that I could get. What should I expect? It's about time that it would happen. I'm aware that it's a case-to-case basis. Some people may grow partially and some people would not even grow at all! But mine is growing and the pain is really getting a toll on me.
I googled how I can remedy the pain. Such a millenial thing haha. One of the reasons why it could hurt is because of the bacteria/germs that may surround the gum area. Or maybe obvs that it's erupting haha.

I'm not a dentist or any other expert for dental care/concerns. But, I have a list that I usually check when I get to try products for my teeth. For toothpaste, I critique it based on taste, smell, feel and aftertaste. In addition, how it affects my teeth strength in the long run (basta yung di ako mangingilo).

Himalaya Botanique sent me their Peppermint Toothpaste. Based on the description in their cardboard brochure, it is 100% made with organic ingredients and 97% come from natural sources. It's actually my first time to use an organic toothpaste.
Here are pictures.

I did test it out.

I usually brush my teeth before going to school. So when I received their toothpaste, I immediately used it. I don't know if it is a coincidence that my wisdom tooth is growing while I'm doing a review for this product. That definitely added to my checklist. Haha

Going back, here's my say:

Smell: Minty and fresh definitely a type that I usually prefer.
Taste: Minty also. What it smelled is the same as the taste.
Feel: It foams after a few brush strokes. It's not irritable in a sense that small bubbles pop. The foam feels smooth actually. (Like shaving cream? haha not the I tasted. Just looks like the foam.)
Aftertaste: This is actually one of my pet peeves even for food. The toothpaste did have a bit of aftertaste. I'm a neutral in this. What I liked is that the mint taste doesn't stay too long to the point that it's going to affect the water I'm going to drink or the food I'm going to eat. I usually drink water after brushing my teeth. I did dislike; however, how the minty flavor changed into bland. 

In the long run, I tested if I experienced some "Pangingilo". I drink cold water most of the time so I'll know. Good thing that my teeth did not react. I can drink even ice-cold water without feeling any discomfort. About my wisdom tooth growing, it helped eased the pain I'm feeling which is great!

Total Rating is 9/10 for the Himalaya Botanique Peppermint Organic Toothpaste <3
Would love to switch to organic products from now on. #Itstimetobebotanique #Itstimetocheckyourlabels

What's your organic story? Sound off in the comments. Would love to read and know yours. <3

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