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6:12 AMHannah Dacanay

Being a newbie with Landers, I was always so curious about how sale happens there. So I watched vlogs and read blogs about their sales. That' how I knew it's going to be a tiring and FUN grocery shopping. You'll know later. So keep reading.


On a side note, my fam and I were S&R members. Soon enough when we didn't really feel the necessity or need to come back and buy, we didn't renew our membership anymore. After 2 years of not having a membership grocery experience...here we are in LANDERS.


As promised, here's how I got a free membership from Landers. Rejoice my fellow BPI card holders because this is the time of the year to claim this promo. For every PHP5000 worth of items from any retail (grocery and food) inside Landers, you'll get a free membership. Simple as that! This applies for BPI Debit and Credit card holders. The promo runs from October 1 to October 31 of 2018. Wait there's more! It is extended till November 30, 2018. Here's the catch:

When you use the BPI credit/debit to pay, the BPI card holder would become the Landers member. The Landers membership is non-transferrable. This was our query too because usually, my parents hold memberships. But because my BPI card was used to pay for the groceries, I was able to avail the free membership.

Without the member, you can't go inside and buy. Even with their foods :(((

Another dilemma we had was availing the senior citizen discount. We usually avail the discount as well with other grocery retail chains. The store manager said that the senior citizen SHOULD BE the LANDERS MEMBER to be able to avail the discount. Super hassle especially on sales. Senior citizen discounts are really advantageous.


Memories of my shopping experience in S&R are not vivid anymore. So disclaimer... I can't give out details but I can still try! :)

First of all, both of them are membership grocery chains. This means that you can only buy items from them if you are a "member". They are strict about this. Unless they offer promos for a free membership and such. Remember to bring your membership card (if you are the member). If you are not a member and still wanted to shop in Landers or S&R, remember to bring the member with you with his/her card as proof of membership.

Both S&R and Landers have similarities when it comes to goods. They sell mostly in bulk. That's what I experienced with S&R. For example, you can get three big bottles of Dove shower soap packed together for maybe less of its original retail price, when put together (whew long explanation but gets?).

Both S&R and Landers also sell singles or individual items. Don't worry haha.

With their sales, it's usually SULIT. I really enjoy sales because most of the items are discounted for 50% or more. Just be careful and check the expiration dates of the items you get especially food. Sometimes the discounted food items are almost expired.

Landers and S&R both have various branches spread out in the Metro. We shop in the ones nearest us of course. For Landers, it is the Balintawak branch. While for S&R, the Congressional branch.

Both of them are industrial looking in the interior because of their metal scaffolds that hold the products and the crates. With their exteriors, you can see the difference. Landers has a more contemporary style than S&R. S&R looks like a military barracks (no offense). It's how I looked at it at first.


This means.."Early Christmas Shopping" !! Seriously you can just spend most of the day searching for the perfect items for your family, friends and loved ones. There are so many items from appliances, kitchenware to clothing and so much more.

We went on the first day. The sale went on from Oct. 17-21, 2018. It's funny how my instincts tell me to go on the first day when I know there will be a lot of people. What pushed me is the thought that the items, that I might need or want, would SPOOF and disappear before I could even get them. Who can relate?

Here's what happened:

There was a line before entering the parking. It took us about 30 minutes till we reached the vicinity itself. It sucks how a sale is, especially when you know it's going to be worth it.

Just when you thought that the line for the parking was the worst. Wait till you go inside and line up for the cashiers. It took us about 3 hours before we could reach the cashier counters. We lined up in the Senior/PWD lane; apparently, it was slower than the regular lines. Why? Even though it is has a shorter line, but it is because most of the buyers from the Senior/PWD lanes bought items in bulk. Who wouldn't take advantage of the discounts (Moreso, for the Senior Citizen discount) right?

The lines go in a zig zag pattern passing through the different aisles.

Shoutout to Landers! Their food is just scrumptious. You can even bring them inside the grocery and eat.

The hassle and bustle were worth it! The items we got were great. All love <3

Disclaimer: Unsponsored post :D

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