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Sakura in the Philippines?!

3:10 AMHannah Dacanay

I went to Market Market BGC last Tuesday, October 16, 2018. This is one of the few events I attended this year because as of an arki student is very busy especially I'm on my thesis year. 

I arrived quite late because of the usual Metro Manila traffic. I came from Quezon City so I have to pass by EDSA which is hectic at any time. My travel time in total, going to BGC was 1 hour and a half. Sometimes it's the travel time that's tiring more than the events I got to.

 I should have arrived at 12 but I arrived 30 minutes late. It was okay because the event hasn't really started yet.

This is the sight when I arrived. Well, this crowd is not meant for me haha. It is mostly because of the person I would reveal later on in this blog. Stay tuned <3 

The people who welcomed me are my b/vlogger friends. That day was like mini a b/vlogger reunion.

Bilis ng reveal noh? haha Guess who?

It's Alex (Cathy) Gonzaga <3

Alex is a celebrity and one of the breakthrough vloggers of 2017 because of her relatable and comedic vlogs. She's the endorser for Block and White's new variant and she's there for the launch of #blockandwhitesakuhapark. 

Inside the Sakuha Park, I was able to meet Alex. We had a quick chat about how I knew her before because she was a classmate of my cousin in UA&P. Apparently, she remembers my cousin and was surprised how I still remember (and how much I grew hehe). I was completely star struck :O

I would try to find that photo with Alex in Palms Country Club if I still have it. And, maybe I could just share it through my IG (@hannahdacanay) :))


Just in case you didn't have the chance to visit, I'll give you a virtual tour. Besides, the pop-up park was there for two days only (October 16-17). I also wished it was a week long. Nevertheless, every corner of the Sakuha Park was very instagrammable. Hopefully, I was able to give justice to that and really utilize the beauty of the pop-up park. :))  It never occurred to me that the name of the park is "Sakuha" until I saw the big label. I really find that witty and clever. I really thought it was literally "Sakura Park".

In every stop, we were instructed to post our pictures in an "Expectation vs. Reality" concept/manner. You'll see in the next photos <3 So keep on reading!!! <3

First Stop




Shoutout to my blogger friend Diane Loresca (IG: @dianeloresca). She became my IG girl-friend of the event. I with her as well. Diane is the best <3

Second Stop




Third Stop 
"Favorite and Last stop" 




Shoutout kaila ate. Super supportive sila!

The Center Piece

My mom accompanied me for this ALL the events I go to. Thanks mommy!

I was really excited and I'm glad that I went because I was able to meet more of my fellow b/vloggers and especially Alex Gonzaga in person. Events, in general, make me happy and feel relaxed from all the stresses from school. Makes me want to really attend more as much as I can. Cheers!

See more of my stories in my IG! @hannahdacanay

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