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4 ways to style the Flare pants

8:10 PMHannah Dacanay

Flare pants are back! They were a fashion statement during the 60s-80s (I even saw a vintage pic of my mom wearing her own). Personally, it's not something I would wear or even buy when I see them on storefronts. I thought wearing it would make me look shorter (I am petite. I'm just 5'2"). But, trying this flare pants at Stradivarius I instantly fell in love. It just hugged me in the right spots. That's my no. 1 rule when it comes to clothes shopping. If it fits, then it's settled. I also take into account price and quality. Let's be smart shoppers too :)

What I liked the most about my Stradivarius Flare pants, is its pastel pink color. I find pastel pinks neutral as it easily pairs with almost any color there is. Lo and behold, pastels are also the trend nowadays!

1. Monochromazing

I wore this outfit for last year's Christmas. This is definitely a personal favorite. Perfect for the season and perfect for the occasion. I already made a blog post about this outfit (my inspiration, more photos, etc.). If you want to find out more, Check it out here.

2. Cropped to Slay

I loved the fact that my pastel pink flare pants is high-waist. It accentuates my hips more. Pairing it with a cropped top completes the puzzle.

3. Boss Lady

Two looks for this:

First, is a mix of a crop and office wear. Showing a few informalities here. Why not challenge the norm? Most of the time, we think of office wear as long sleeves, blazer, and pencil cut or pants. It's not bad to put some fun into it. 

I also have a separate blog post for this one. More of it here.

The last outfit is what I wore for our Architecture Symposium this year (it's an annual event). We were expected to wear office attire everytime we attend. Office attires are usually neutral in color. Have that with a blazer, pencil-cut skirt or pants are ready to go. So I thought why not take the opportunity to dress it up a bit more. A gorgeous lacey long-sleeved top from Mango did the trick.

What I like, having to wear a piece over and over again, is that I get to mix and match it with my other clothes to create a new style. This flare pants helped me escape my comfort zone. As I said I am petite, so I thought that this style of pants would make me smaller than my actual frame. Sometimes there are styles we haven't tried yet that makes us question whether or not we have to buy it. But when we do get to try them, we learn a lot from them..we just make an effort to try. It's just a matter of taking that risk and owning it.

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