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Snippets from a Tangled Christmas | UST Paskuhan Opening 2018

12:57 AMHannah Dacanay

At this point I will tell you, UST definitely did not disappoint!

Every Paskuhan the University of Santo Tomas campus lights up to a different theme of Christmas lights and decor. I bet you already have guessed what this year's theme is, based on my cover picture.

Tangled is this year's theme inspo! Magical isn't it?

December 3 was the day for the opening of lights. My heart was literally thumping with excitement as I anticipated the lighting of my beautiful campus. This is my 9th Paskuhan in UST and it has been an annual tradition of mine to attend. This is not something I would easily pass up. But of course, my expectation is always high!

The opening of lights isn't just the highlight of that day. It started with a Eucharistic Celebration. Then, Agape where the Thomasian community enjoyed free food. Here was my experience...

Food stubs and the line haha. The food was worth the wait anyway! And it was FREE for the Thomasian community! We had booths with food from Aristocrat, Max, Jollibee and Kenny Rogers. I got Aristocrat because I rarely dine in their resto. :D

The main course was the opening of lights of course! (lol) Everyone was awed when the whole campus lit up with lanterns and colorful lights. Continue to scroll to enjoy a photo montage of it all!

People had a chance to have a photo op on the stage. What makes it more special are those firework generators?! haha correct me please.

My Disney and Thomasian heart is so happy <3

What a way to start the Christmas month! Come and enjoy it too! The lights will be on every night!!  Share and tag me with your posts. :D

P.S. Don't forget to mark your calendars. On December 21, it is UST's PASKUHAN 2018!! Get to enjoy a night full of activities, music jamming, partying and fun. Hope to see you all there!

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