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Kusina Moderne: Not your Ordinary Filipino Cuisine

8:52 PMHannah Dacanay

Almost every meal time at home, our table will always have Filipino dish/es. My favorite Filipino dishes to devour with my family are pinakbet, tinola, and the popular adobo. I remember also my childhood with my kapitbahay friends buying putok, spanish bread and the sugar-filled ensaymada in the nearby bakery/sari-sari store. There's always a thing with food that connects people and that resonates memories.

Speaking of bonding and memories, I had a fun-filled meal time with my Hey Manila family at Kusina Moderne. It is a Filipino-themed restaurant located at Bel Air Soho, Caceres St. Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City. I remember entering the restaurant looking at the design and style. It is simple but it is not boring. There is a feeling of familiarity like I have been transported to my childhood memories in my grandparent's farm in Tarlac. We used to have a bahay kubo with a GI metal sheet roofing. Beside the bahay kubo, is the dirty kitchen.  Every time the whole family is there, we always have salo-salo sometimes even boodle fights! 

You can see, that the restaurant has almost the same setup! The kitchen is very visible to the diners. I like its open plan because you can see how the food is prepared and how the aromas just fill up the place. 

Here's the fun part, the FOOD. We got to try most of Kusina Moderne's food that night. It's funny how I imagine traditional Filipino food to be laid out in front of us. Just by judging with the looks of it, I was wrong. I thought I can easily pin-point which one is lechon or mechado and I can't even! Here's a flatlay of the dishes. Tell me if you know which Filipino dish is which.

Just by looking at it, you know that Kusina Moderne's food is sophisticated in its own way.

Here are their Bestsellers:

Pampagana (Starters): Mechado Tacos

What blew me away with this dish is that spread underneath the meat.

Ulam (Main Course): Isda Tanigue

Ulam (Main Course): Binagoongang Baboy

Panghimagas (Dessert): Cheesecake Flan

Here's the menu to see more of their other dishes and their price points :)

It is a definitely unique experience that you should not miss out. Kusina Moderne is not your Ordinary Filipino Cuisine. I can't wait to come back for more!

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