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3:52 AMHannah Dacanay

Ever since I was child, I'm used to seeing my mom put on make up every day. I get curious a lot and ask what each of the product she uses are for. At the end of those discussions and when I wanted to try those products, she always tells me "Bata ka pa (you are still young), embrace your natural skin and face". I took that advice into heart. In fact, she always tells me the same thing until today. But you know what they say, "young girls grow up too".  I am not a young child anymore (still youthful at heart tho hehe).

Now thinking about the advice, it made me interpret it in two ways:

1. My mom just wants me to preserve and embrace my naturality. Besides, it's also a way to protect my skin from harmful chemicals.

2. Is it that bad to wear makeup?

I used to think makeup is used to cover up imperfections or to just impress men. But as I was maturing, my perspective of things change. My perspective with makeup changed too.

I started seeing makeup as an art form, one that can be a creative outlet to express one's mood and emotions. Ever since I learned how to draw (2 years old), I love art. Let me stress, "I live and breathe art". So having that artsy side helped break my negative outlook towards makeup. Just like painting or drawing a portrait, I learned that makeup is not that different. The process of applying makeup is not that different either. With painting/drawing you use a canvas or paper but with makeup your canvas is your face. 

It took me years to learn how to use makeup properly, it's a constant learning process. I must admit I am nowhere near a professional makeup artist but one thing is clear for me: I love my makeup. I love my art. I embrace it as much as I embrace myself. This is the #Mark that I wanted to impart.

 (Shade in Futuristic Dream)

I am always happy to collaborate with brands that encourage women to feel unapologetic about their beauty. Avon's Lip Prism lipsticks give you 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move and that lasts for hours. With a wide range of shades from Reds & Corals, Plums & Wines, Pinks & Mauves, to Nudes, you will surely be a standout —the type that needs no explanation. Time to leave your own #Mark.

Aura On & Blast Off

Celestial Crush & Energy Flash

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Reflective Scandal & SuperNova Kiss

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