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Hydrate with this 95% Aloe Hydrating Gel

11:21 PMHannah Dacanay

Skincare blew up in today's generation. Familiar with the 8-10 steps Korean skincare routine? How about products like cleansers, toners, essences, and moisturizers? Whether you do it or not, skincare is a trend.


Every time I come home from doing errands and/or attending events. I always make sure to clean and remove makeup products I applied on my face. I usually do as simple as:

1. Makeup Remover
2. Exfoliate 
3. Cleanser
4. Moisturizer

Each step is important; however, I believe that the 4th is the most crucial step. Why so? Every after removing, exfoliating and cleansing all those makeup and dried skin, my skin will be stripped off of its natural oils and nutrients. That's why you need a product to moisturize and hydrate your skin.

95% Aloe Hydrating Gel by Grace Cosmetics

Grace Cosmetics is the premier health and cosmetics brand from Pro-Ma Systems Australia. It boasts of 100% Australian-made skincare products made from the best natural and botanical ingredients, including certified organic Aloe Vera.

Grace Cosmetics Aloe Hydrating Gel consists of 95% Aloe Vera which hydrates and locks in moisture, awakening a natural and healthy glow.


Packaging: Bottle is made from thick plastic. It looks sleek and simple. Easy to read and understand details written on the bottle. The directions and ingredients are well-indicated. It has a pump that controls the amount of product.

Smell: Minty Aloe Vera

Texture: Gel type. Smooth and silky.

The product when applied, dried fast on the skin and it felt lightweight. I also felt a bit of a cooling effect upon drying. Apply the product all over the face and neck too.

I have tried other skin care products with aloe vera that made me breakout and have pimples. That is why I am kinda skeptical to try products with Aloe Vera. 

Nevertheless, I used the product for a week after getting it and I noticed how my skin felt smooth and glowing. What made me truly believe in this product is its effect on my neck. I have chicken skin on my neck and it's one my insecurities. I asked my dermatologists about chicken skin and said it's hereditary. Pretty much, chiecken skin can't be treated by creams etc. But After a week of using this Aloe Hydrating Gel, it did lessen the roughness or bumpiness I used to feel on my neck. 

Hydrate your skin with Grace Cosmetics 95% Aloe Hydrating Gel. Get yours for Php 1950 at Grace Cosmetics has a wide range of beauty products to choose from. Grab the chance guys!

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