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Disclaimer: This blog contains SPOILERS from FROZEN 2. Read at your own risk. I decided to mix my likes and dislikes I have. Whichever has more, I wanted to share em’ and explain why, as “logical/reasonable” as I could. For those who haven’t watched Frozen 2 yet...I did not write these thoughts to make you think twice. In fact, I am ENCOURAGING you to watch and see for yourselves. If you happen to like it, great! If you don’t, then that’s fine too!! Here’s the tea...

Prolly, u might be saying that I think so much of Frozen 1 that I became unopen to the idea of Frozen 2 completely. If I did, I should have not watched it in the first place. But how can I not? You watched Cinderella 2 and 3 without thinking of the OG Cinderella? Or!! You haven’t watched Mean Girls 2 disregarding the OG CLASSIC MEAN GIRLS. I’m not mad. I’m just stating a point. FROZEN 1 was the reason I went to watch FROZEN 2. But will FROZEN 2 be the reason for me to watch FROZEN 3? (when it happens)

Frozen 2 was okay. It felt more like a support (at some point) to the first but it made me ask more questions than it did give me answers. A good thing prolly if they are thinking of another sequel? It’s not necessary that the sequels have to be in line with the OG. But some do, in fact that’s what Frozen 2 did.
There are a lot of ways to have twists in a story. As much as possible, it should not be predictable. Robert Greene said, predictability is boring. Cuz you already know what’s going to happen beforehand. Would there be another Frozen sequel? Why not? Would I still be giddy? Let’s find out.

Here it goes:

1. Songs are...oooOOKKaayy

So uhm why did I write okay that way because the songs felt lackluster (except for “Into the Unknown”). You know what they say about Disney Magic? First of all, if you don’t like or don’t understand the plot at least you remember or love the SONGS. I honestly feel that the songs breathes LIFE to Disney stories. Obviously we link songs directly to the source whenever we get to here even a tune of..for example “Part of Your World” of Little Mermaid or “A Whole New World” of Aladdin. Not all Disney movies have songs right? Even so, it takes something special to achieve that title of: DISNEY CLASSIC.

2. Plot was fast paced and oooOOKKaayy too haha

Let It Go was more memorable TBH. I will elaborate more of this later.
I like plots that leaves me candy to eat for a while just to savor and appreciate its flavor. Then gives me more and more until I taste various explosion of flavors. (Exag okay but it’s true!! You need to BUILD THE ENERGY UP). This is mostly my preference but maybe some would agree. You just don’t know my excitement was like, before I went inside the cinema. 
And really? One of the “biggest” goals was to destroy the DAM? DAMn it!! Besides that, we also went to the conclusion that Elsa was the Fifth spirit!! ...okay so if that’s the case. Here’s my next point.
(Here’s also me sharing my movie ticket cuz in this digital era, you share whatever you are doing even if no one is viewing or no one friggin cares haha)

See my excitement?? But it died down after even though I took a picture with the movie standee poster. But my smile and feeling was so different legit.

For a moment, I was hoping that it would not die down after their reconciliation. I was really hoping that wasn’t the end already. You know how the reconciliation of Elsa and Anna went in Frozen 1 right? Okay so if you watched Frozen 2? How did it feel? Did it WOW you? Exactly.

3. I wanted more Elsa powers

Grand Pabbie said, at one part of the movie, that Elsa’s powers are out of this world. I was expecting more Elsa Bibbiti bobbiti boo MAGIC. SPELL BOUNDINGLY EPIC. To that extent cuz of the “Out of this world” context. At least adding some action to the movie would hype up the energy. I don’t mean that the movie should show Elsa fighting more enemies to show off her skills. (KIDS ALERT) ot maybe something else..
I read somewhere that most of those who watched Frozen 2 was those "children" who watched Frozen 1. I was one of those. I'm 22 now and a college graduate. I was high school when Frozen 1 came. We grew up okay. But then, I can agree that the creators are trying to meet in the middle considering the demographics who are going to watch the movie.
I mean Elsa could’ve DAMned the DAM (pun alert Haha) by herself. But yeah instead, she had some separate dilemma going on and she froze. So, at least that made Anna useful.

I honestly think that the ICE MAGIC when Elsa sang “Let it Go” in FROZEN 1 was way more EPIC than when she sang “Show Yourself” in FROZEN 2. Why compare the two scenes specifically?

1. Elsa is “Isolated”
2. Elsa is inside the confines of ICE (Castle/Cave)
3. Elsa sings alone

You know how Let it Go ICE MAGIC was so eye candy to watch. Starting from the snowflake shape coming from her foot to the grand ice chandelier. My 17-year-old self was imagining ice coming out while I imitate Elsa. That was the effect! You know...it became like an anthem of 2013. Your have a suckish childhood if you haven’t heard Let it Go everywhere. Kidding! Nevertheless, I love the intricate details they added on the ice particles Elsa made. Disney’s animation improved a lot ever since. Big thumbs up to that. It’s just that, I wanted the effects to be more different this time around. More Magic action-packed maybe??

4. OLAF is WISER than I thought
In Frozen 1, initially, Olaf seemed to be aloof and naive. He had dropped some wise quotes like the famous "
Some people are worth melting for".
In Frozen 2, Olaf showed more of his WISER side. I love his character development from FROZEN 1 to FROZEN 2. Olaf improved. No wonder I cried when he slowly disappeared.
5. Anna I get is Anna is more of a carefree sister. The complete opposite of Elsa who is primmer, serious and regal. It's like Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret.
In Frozen 1 we get to see her adventures. From finding her true love to finding her sister and all went happily ever after.
Anna was, at some point, mature in Frozen 2 just like Olaf. I like that.

6. The spirits are unique
I expected the spirits to be intangible gods but I like how tangible they are. Well, at least they appear to be. Let me just add that the adorable Fire Spirit ( name ), looked similar to Pascal from “Tangled”!! I also did not expect the water spirit to be a horse. Half horse-half fish. A Seahorse?!? Lol. I like how Elsa tamed it! It was one of the highlights of the film. At least, the spirits’ form and actions were not predictable. I was not expecting them to be as they are.

7. Two Queens
So okay the reconciliation part wasn’t exactly the ending. The movie ended showing two kingdoms reigned by two queens. Anna - “Arendelle” and Elsa - Enchanted Forest. I like the idea because it seemed like the puzzle pieces fit the holes. Coincidentally, Elsa fits “magically” with the Enchanted Forest while Anna fits “humanely” with the Arendelle Kingdom. Two with different purposes, roles, and kingdoms. All reunited with LOVE.
That’s the tea folks.

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