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"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

Mulan (1998)

Today, we are experiencing a challenging time. The pandemic struck the world unexpectedly that it has affected us as a community and as individuals.

Even though this global crisis may seem unconquerable, there will always be a “whisper of hope” calling and reminding us that one day everything will be okay.

It is empowering to see women step up in this situation. Women continue to be courageous, empathic and passionate. A new brand of bravery in this new normal.

Whisper’s #TheNewBrave campaign celebrates this new bravery women embraced by adapting to today’s pandemic situation.

Some of the things women are doing to step into #TheNewBrave can be developing a new hobby, prioritizing self-care, learning to relax and reviving older interests.

As for me, I strive for progress everyday by doing things I love and enjoy like drawing, conceptualizing ideas and doing creative photoshoots. These keep me going, growing and feel alive especially in this time when it is easy feel down, anxious or give up.


#TheNewBrave campaign is all about finding joy in small wins/victories everyday, believing in ourselves, and celebrating who we’ve and can become. It’s all about blooming and thriving despite the toughest conditions and life’s uncertainties.

Today, we are brave; Tomorrow, we are braver. Whenever we feel down and it feels like we’re taking a step back, #TheNewBrave mindset reminds us that growth isn’t linear and all our paths are unique, we are growing and getting stronger all the same.

We women know the physical and emotional struggle we face every single month during our period. Despite experiencing it during this pandemic crisis which added a challenge, we women developed a brand of bravery that’s rooted in empathy. Now, more than ever, the world needs this culture of empathy and acceptance so that it can inspire others to unleash their new bravery as well.

Whisper’s 3x better protection holds space for our most vulnerable moments as women, allowing us to move freely during our periods. The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant comes with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, moisturizes and reduces friction, and improves the skin barrier. Whisper helps enable women to still embrace #TheNewBrave and be the best that they can be even during even their most difficult cycles.

Watch Whisper’s #TheNewBrave video to learn more and be inspired. Watch it here:

Together, let’s celebrate our small victories, find joy and meaning in where we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can face it together and embody #TheNewBrave in this new normal.


Share your inspiring #TheNewBrave stories with Whisper by using the hashtag #TheNewBrave on Facebook and Instagram and tagging Whisper’s social media accounts (Facebook: @WhisperPH, Instagram: @WhisperPhilippines)

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